Getting started

  1. Go to speech recognition from the control panel and make sure you have a trained user profile.
  2. Run CodeTalk
  3. Click File -> Open -> Speech Mode... to open a Speech mode. A speech mode is a set of text commands. You will typically have a Speech mode for each supported programming language.
  4. Click File -> New -> Context... to create a new Context. A Context is a set of identifiers that can be dictated. You will typically have a Context for each project you work on.
  5. Click Expand >>. Under the Symbols tab You'll see all Symbols in the current Context. Under Text Commands you'll see all text commands available in the current speech mode. Under Commands you'll see all Speech commands available. Use these three tabs as a reference to what you can say.
  6. Click the Libraries tab and enable whatever libraries you'll need.
  7. Click the Listening radio button and start coding! For an example, go to

CodeTalk is a work in progress, so be patient. :)

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